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Perros callejero de Chile (Street dogs of Chile).

Chileans certainly seem to love their dogs. I can’t really comment on their relationships with felines. Although the absence of cats may be a direct consequence of the abundance of street dogs. I did observe a rusty corrugated roof in … Continue reading

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Pokémon and Pisco Sours

4 September 2016 Wow those Pisco Sours have a kick. We were befriended by a local, as you generally are at tourist sites, and there is always an angle. Yesterday we were ‘given’ a mass photocopied poem by a middle-aged … Continue reading

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Snow is white, right?

2 September 2016 The Andes is a white snow-capped mountain range that stretches the length of Chile. So why is it that when I look out of my lounge room window I get an amazing vista of a ‘pink’ tinge … Continue reading

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