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Richard has worked in hospitality and travel for almost three decades and has been a regular traveller since childhood. He now travels for both work and pleasure, and is a Senior Contributor to Trip Advisor and other digital media travel platforms.

Perros callejero de Chile (Street dogs of Chile).

Chileans certainly seem to love their dogs. I can’t really comment on their relationships with felines. Although the absence of cats may be a direct consequence of the abundance of street dogs. I did observe a rusty corrugated roof in … Continue reading

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Nervous sheep, (yet more) wine, gortex and glaciers.

Valle de Colchagua. I’m in Patagonia now, but let’s reiterate that Colchagua Valley was our stopover for an education in Chilean wine – especially Vino Tinto. (Take note Mr Tax Man – you may be finding a few receipts in … Continue reading

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Good drivers and good legs. Welcome to Valparaiso.

12 September 2016 Valparaiso, the port city on Chile’s Pacific coast. Home to the oddest collection of brightly painted shacks cum mansions clinging to the side of the surrounding hills. The houses here are a mixture of corrugated iron, wood, … Continue reading

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Pokémon and Pisco Sours

4 September 2016 Wow those Pisco Sours have a kick. We were befriended by a local, as you generally are at tourist sites, and there is always an angle. Yesterday we were ‘given’ a mass photocopied poem by a middle-aged … Continue reading

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Snow is white, right?

2 September 2016 The Andes is a white snow-capped mountain range that stretches the length of Chile. So why is it that when I look out of my lounge room window I get an amazing vista of a ‘pink’ tinge … Continue reading

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Drag Queens and Flak Jackets

28 December / 30 December 2015 Sadly, no white Christmas in Toronto. Just like an Aussie Christmas really, minus the heat wave, budgie smugglers and blowflies. It’s our last night in Toronto. My last meal of white wine, gluten free … Continue reading

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Back to Civilisation and Drugged to the Eyeballs

14 December 2014 It’s the little things, like an ensuite bathroom, room service (that is no reflection on Sanjeev, our houseboy at The Kandy House) and the absence of rats freefalling from the ceiling that makes you appreciate life’s “creature” … Continue reading

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In the Tree Tops

8 December 2015 Mornings are pretty slow in The Kandy House, our home-away-from-home perched on the side of the hills surrounding Kandy’s central tank (lake). Here our two storey brick, tile and wood abode wakes to the mist that surrounds … Continue reading

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A Bombay Sapphire Monsoon

5 December 2015 The cool of the bungalow’s interior didn’t reflect the intensifying temperature building outside. The high Dutch colonial ceiling with its lazy fans slicing through the mid-morning air created a sanctuary from the tropical heat. The view through … Continue reading

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Sarongs and Snow

4 December 2015 Yep, another trip to Sri Lanka. Two weeks in tropical paradise, followed by another two weeks in Canada for a (hopefully!) white Christmas.  What a challenge to pack for: sarongs, board shorts and thongs lay on top … Continue reading

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