Snow is white, right?

2 September 2016

The Andes is a white snow-capped mountain range that stretches the length of Chile. So why is it that when I look out of my lounge room window I get an amazing vista of a ‘pink’ tinge over these South American frozen peaks?

I’d like to imagine that it’s not smog from Chile’s capital, Santiago. Being located in a valley is not pollution-friendly. Late this afternoon, I’ll go for pink, definitely not orange. It’s a sunset in its full Barbara Cartland glory: A dusty, lusty pink. A shade that’s bathing Santiago in a palate that probably doesn’t do this city justice, although the muted shade does lend justice to this city that I’m having trouble comparing. I only arrived 6 six hours ago, so my opinions may change, but for my Chilean readers, thumbs up – that’s a 10 ‘chilli’ rating from me.

Santiago doesn’t have the faded glory of Buenos Aires. It’s more like a gold rush town that has evolved into a city. A city with culture, with history, and amazing views. For my Canadian friends, think Vancouver, but with more Cerveza and Empanadas. 

But enough about the snow-capped peaks.

Yes – that’s another blog.

South America.

If you’re looking forward to tales of Mexican beaches, being busted for drugs while crossing the border, discovering a lost tribe in the Amazon, or competing in the Rio Olympics/Paralympics … You will be sorely disappointed (although I’m open to sensible suggestions). 

This blog will be covering three’ish weeks in Chile.

No beaches, nose-bone pierced noses from the Amazon, or PBs (if you don’t understand, forget the Olympic gold).

No podium awards for my wine tasting or food appreciation. This trip is about exploring glaciers, living in a UNESCO city, mountain trekking and getting to know Chileans. 

About Freoroamers

Richard has worked in hospitality and travel for almost three decades and has been a regular traveller since childhood. He now travels for both work and pleasure, and is a Senior Contributor to Trip Advisor and other digital media travel platforms.
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2 Responses to Snow is white, right?

  1. dancarndt says:

    No pictures? Have to flick between FB and your blog.
    Showed mum as she didn’t realise you had a travel blog.

  2. Patricia Hawkey says:

    Love it Richard – well done! And enjoy Chile! xx

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