Bintang beers and beaded locks

3 June 2011

Well we’re in Bali, downtown Kuta. Our hotel is, well … mmm. The room is nice and staff extremely friendly. We wake most mornings to the sound of the birds, scooters – and the yelling, swearing and door slamming of our fellow guests.

Breakfast is a treat. Who would have thought Bintang Beer makes so many different singlet designs. Beaded hair is still a must at any age, although Mikey still refuses to braid his long locks.

We had a fantastic day at “Waterbom Waterpark” yesterday. I could have slid down those slides all day. Unfortunately, Mikey and Daniel have each broken one of their toes. They are now competing for the most purple and black toe discoloration.

Yesterday we escaped the bogans in their copy Polo shirts, brand new scabbed-over tattoos and obvious copy Louis Vittons by heading to Seminyak. We watched the tail-end of a beautiful Bali sunset over the ocean, lying on the lawn drinking cocktails.

Alright … I admit I might have had a Bintang.

So today, a walk on the beach to work off last nights Rendang. Then maybe a read.

We are sooooo looking forward to France.

About Freoroamers

Richard has worked in hospitality and travel for almost three decades and has been a regular traveller since childhood. He now travels for both work and pleasure, and is a Senior Contributor to Trip Advisor and other digital media travel platforms.
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