BA Update: The Tango Edition.

15 September 2010

The weather has turned again. One day we wake to the sun peeking through the shutters and the next day to the sound of the buses splashing through the puddles on the cobblestones below.

We had a great time in Mendoza. We ended with an impromptu all night session with some travelers we kept bumping into whilst in Mendoza. The couple were on their way back to Oz after several years working in the UK. We bumped into them in our favourite wine bar, which led to a long dinner where we were kicked out after 1am so the waiters could go home. Then we danced until our flight at 6am in a local casa-cum-club – to eighties hits, it was retro night. Well, the locals didn’t know what hit them; the twenty-somethings had no chance when New Order and Duran Duran hit the turntable. Sad sight but who cares.

The flight home to BA and then the long and circular route to our apartment was a fragile journey. We didn’t even have the strength to ask why the ride turned into an extended tour of the city taking almost 3/4 of an hour longer than the journey to the aeroporto.

We spent that day sleeping and then wandered down to our local markets to soak up the atmosphere. There was this great Samba band of twenty men, marching through the main street (which is about 2km); preceding this band was a group of about 15 women dancing the Samba, all of varying ages from 18 to 70. The sound echoing off the Belle Epoque apartments and cobbled streets was amazing, as were the ridiculous shoes, and in some cases, the state of intoxication of the artists!

Yesterday we took on the tortuous process of reporting Mike’s stolen sunglasses. Each Subte line (subway) has its own police station, underground, no windows and all the walls a dirty beige. I’d kill myself if I had to go to work there every day. The long process of translating using our phrase book, and the constant sound and vibrations of trains passing under the station made it a long and tiring experience (more so for the poor policeman).

Last night we went to an amazing Tango show, in a sort of underground theatre, like a very large cellar. An amazing dinner and show which covered of course the Tango, Andes pan pipes and even Evita doing her balcony song, all viewed from our dining table with low lamps and a glass (bottle) of wine. A bit of a tourist trap, but well the Tango is an industry here, this was the best and oldest running one still in a Tango Hall.

One of our biggest coups is tickets to the Buenos Aires Filarmonic at the Teatro Colon. Teatro Colon is the largest concert hall in the southern hemisphere, after the Sydney Opera House; however, this one is 100 years old. It’s just been renovated and judging by BA’s architecture it’s bound to be beautiful.

So lying in bed with a mug of tea wondering what to do today. Best we make plans.

PS – For those of you interested, my face has returned to its normal state so no more hiding behind sunglasses even at night!

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Richard has worked in hospitality and travel for almost three decades and has been a regular traveller since childhood. He now travels for both work and pleasure, and is a Senior Contributor to Trip Advisor and other digital media travel platforms.
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