The Elephant Man lives.

4 September 2010

Still raining in BA (‘Buenos Aires’), but there are promises that it may clear this afternoon. Mike is in his element. We have started waking at around 0900 to 1000, coffee for breakfast and then out to sightsee; then lunch by 1400 (usually the standard half a cow and another bottle of Malbec – most restaurants have a set menu including wine, beast and desert). Back to our apartment for an ‘afternoon’ siesta until 2100; shower and out to dinner, then back in bed by 0400. It’s a hard life.

Yesterday we checked out the antique district, the area we have our apartment in. Boy what I would give to have a larger house and more US dollars in our pockets. We checked out one shop that specialised in Art Deco and Art Nouveau; I was in my element! We were too scared to even ask the price of things. We also checked out a shop that stocked antique religious pieces … I know it sounds strange but the combination of 150 year old paintings of various saints surrounded in carved silver was as breathtaking as the prices.

The doctor visited our apartment yesterday to take a look at the Elephant Man. She prescribed Difenhidramina (for the medical-types amongst you!), which we purchased from a Pharmacia. Unfortunately, the medication is quite strong and has some unfortunate side effects. By lunch time the Elephant Man had turned into a dribbling mess (the bottle of wine we shared probably didn’t help).

I had a strong metallic taste in my mouth, instantly tired and a brain that couldn’t hold a single thought (no change to my usual state really). By the time I started dribbling water down my chin (just couldn’t work out where my mouth was) Mike thought it best to lead me back to our apartment and put me to bed. The waitress kept looking at me with that look that says, “Isn’t that nice that he (Mike) has taken his ‘special’ friend out from the home for the deformed and demented for the day”. Mike then decided to do some exploring and shop for dinner, and we wisely ate at ‘home’ last night.

So today we have been invited to learn tango and watch some professionals. The owner of the chain of apartments we are using is a tango celebrity. We are just debating whether it’s a tourist trap and whether we want to watch or learn. I still have an inflated head and dread each dose of medication but I can’t let it ruin our holiday, just the photos. So I’m determined to get out and stare back at the people who stare at me. There’s now a bit of sun so at least I can wear my sun glasses.

So time to visit the bano for a shower and take on the cobbled streets of Buenos Aires.

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Richard has worked in hospitality and travel for almost three decades and has been a regular traveller since childhood. He now travels for both work and pleasure, and is a Senior Contributor to Trip Advisor and other digital media travel platforms.
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